The product line Subtilis is continually being further developed by Accuratus AG with Swissness, know-how as well as the assistance of surgical teams. All Subtilis instruments are manufactured by means of accurate craftsmanship. High-quality materials and attention to detail are the prerequisites for creating professional orthopedic - hip - knee - shoulder - small bone - spine - trauma - surgery instruments. This trend-setting brand is distributed by us and our partner worldwide and employed successfully in clinics.

Sophisticated and Tissue Sparing Surgery techniques require fine instruments.
The philosophy of the trend-setting brand Subtilis is to develop surgical instruments
which are optimal for the surgeon.
The original has the ideal cutting angle, is perfectly adjusted to operating techniques
and as tissue sparing as possible for the patient.

Very fine, very well conceived.

What is Subtilis

Why Subtilis

What does Subtilis mean



Small radius
Large radius
Soft-tissue protection

Example 1:
bone lever

Example 2:
Subtilis bone lever, double angle,
with long soft-tissue protection

Advantages of retractors - bone levers

  • The tissue sparing hollow geometry reduces soft tissue trauma
  • The sophisticated design ensures optimal access in tight-spaces MIS (minimally invasive surgery)
  • Anti-glare surface
  • Subtilis models with long soft-tissue protection improve access and are even more tissue sparing. The second angle ensures an optimal view of the operating field.


For the advantage of users - For the benefit of patients

  • By means of the two inter-connecting radii the pressure is distributed over muscles
    and soft tissue optimally
  • We provide these models with long soft-tissue protection specifically for hip surgery
  • For atraumatic, tissue-conserving surgery, the use of Subtilis is a must!


Advantages of chisels - Osteotomes - Raspatories - curettes

  • Subtilis chisels are manufactured from much harder steel than standard commercial models
  • The blades are razor-sharp and perfectly ground into shape for the user
  • Curettes and raspatories have ergonomic modifications for the protection of the patient
  • Accuratus synthetic handles are durable, safe, hygienic and moisture-repellent
  • Anti-glare surface


Advantages in forceps - bone spreaders

  • Light construction (weight reduction in the operation set)
  • Well-conceived, user-centred design
  • Optimal cleanability
  • Anti-glare surface


atraumatic, tissue-conserving, soft-tissue protection

Subtilis Flyer 


The Subtle Difference

  • No sharp-edged corners (tissue sparing)
  • Corrosion resistant finish Subtilis 2.0
  • Accuratus
    plastic handle

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